Our team of mobile case managers in Victoria met a major milestone in 2023 – 10,000 face-to-face visits!

Since the service started in October 2016, the team has clocked up two million kilometres travelling all across Victoria to work with injured workers, treating health providers and employers to help people recover faster from injury and return to work, sooner.

Combined, this travel time equates to one-and-a-half years spent in the car.

Pictured: EML VIC’s mobile case management team celebrate their milestone.


Over this time 6,270 worker claims have been referred to our mobile team (which includes two telehealth case managers) and they’ve approved 3,000 medical treatments on the spot.

Making a positive difference

The 10,000th visit was undertaken by mobile case manager Nick Ryan, who attended a physiotherapy case conference to help Ali, a 62 year old labourer recover from an injury which required surgery and meant he was wheelchair bound for six weeks.

“At that visit we achieved an upgrade in his capacity and sign-off to return to work on a graduated return to work plan," says Nick. “Mentally he was in a bad way, but with his physio, GP and employer's help Ali is now back at work. Knowing I’ve been able to make a positive difference to someone’s life is what I enjoy about my job.” 

Pictured: Mobile Case Manager, Nick Ryan.