Early Customer Contact

We know that early and timely assistance is important, and will contact you promptly to understand your needs.


Customer Privacy

We take your privacy seriously. We may record our calls with you for coaching purposes and we will let you know when this happens


Ongoing Customer Commitment

We will speak to you regularly to ensure we can help you when you need it.


First Call Resolution

We will make every effort to resolve your query the first time you call.



Customised Interaction

We will communicate with you the way that best suits you.


Connect Customers to Support Services

We look at all options to help people get their lives back.



Seek Customer Feedback

Your feedback is important to us and helps us improve our services.


Learn from Feedback

We take your feedback seriously, and use it to continually review our services and improve your experience with us.



Customer Service Response Time

We know your time is important. We will always respond to your queries as soon as possible and let you know if we need longer.


Quality Customer Interaction

We know the claims experience can be complicated. We will help you understand each step and what it means for you.