Government claims operations

We are a specialist injury claims management partner of choice for government agencies across Australia.

We know what it takes to reduce the personal and financial impact of workplace injuries. Our history of providing support for public sector workers is a long one. 

Our workers compensation managed fund combines the provision of claims management services to workers, employers and government agencies across several scheme jurisdictions

EML is an appointed provider of claims management for icare self insurance, managing workers claims services for icare Insurance for NSW.  Since 2008 we’ve been helping departments and agencies including the NSW Police Force and Emergency Services, Premier and Cabinet, and Planning, and Ministry of Health (South).

As an appointed agent for ReturnToWorkSA, a statutory authority set up to regulate the South Australian Return to Work Act, we provide claims management services to workers and employers in South Australia.



Helping government employees recover from injury

We’re proud of the role we play in helping the people that support our communities recover from workplace injury. Injured workers from diverse government sectors look to us for claims assessments and to support return to work goals.

We maintain scheme performance with early-intervention, skilled case management, and injury prevention strategies. Focusing on the recovery journey brings better outcomes for workers, employers and our industry partners.


Mobile claim specialists

Receive face-to-face support from our fleet of mobile claims specialists in metropolitan and regional areas.


Innovations in early intervention

Enjoy our world-first innovations in early intervention. This includes a musculoskeletal risk management tool and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) guidelines


Online portal

Enjoy easy access to claims and policy information with our comprehensive online portal, EMpower