Through our Mutual Benefits Program we have recently supported a successful initiative with Longitude6 and Aon involving the use of wearable sensors and body scanning technology, to reduce the frequency of manual handling injuries in the DuluxGroup.

The motion capture technology was used to assess the individual bio-mechanics of workers, including their stability and movement quality for each specific task. Receiving information in real time supports leaders in making informed workplace decisions and the results from the assessment can be converted to a Job Dictionary, which helps not only with early intervention strategies but also return to work planning. 

DuluxGroup has already received incredibly powerful information that they are now using to develop tailored strategies for manual handling for each of their sites, as they now realise that each site has different requirements. 

The outcomes of the project were discussed during a virtual event during which EML, AON and the DuluxGroup reviewed Longitude6’s wearable technology as a key  component in risk management and injury prevention.

You can access the highlights in the videos below:

Lara Macpherson, who was the S&S Manager at DuluxGroup at the time, talks about her experience working with Longitude6 and DuluxGroup’s manual handling team.  

This second video demonstrates how wearable sensor technology provides valuable information in real time to help employers understand the risk their employees are working with each day.

Mark Heaysman Group CEO Longitude6 highlights the importance of ensuring the products and services are adaptable to allow for accessibility by smaller organisations.

In this final video Brad Wakeling, the former Client Manager for AON discusses building an ecosystem for clients that follows the journey of an employee, from on-boarding to reviewing risk management, injury prevention and return to work practices if required. 

It provides valuable information for our clients to better understand the risk their employees are working with each day – we are identifying in each individual a risk score, not simply a movement score. This can be critical, as movement is not a risk in its own right. Mark Heaysman Group CEO Longitude6

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