Through our Mutual Benefits Program we were able to support Bolton Clarke's innovative safety training and mental health awareness program which had a strong focus on employee mental health.

Leading the way in employee mental health

Bolton Clarke aimed to raise the bar in terms of mental health awareness and support for employees across their organisation. Desite mental health gaining more awareness in the community in recent years, it was felt that a number of managers were still lacking the confidence to approach the topics of wellness and mental health with staff. So, the main focus of the project was on mental health awareness sessions for managers to recognise potential signs and symptoms of mental stress and how to best support people (whether they be colleagues, family or friends). 

The awareness sessions were supported by an online package (WeCARE) that employees could access 24/7 through Bolton Clarke's Learning Management System (LMS).

'This component of the project was part of a larger strategy focused on employee mental health initiatives and raising awareness of proactive strategies for identification and assistance for staff members,' said Cara Williams, Manager Safety, Wellbeing and Workers' Compensation Bolton Clarke 

Raising awareness and inspiring courage

The campaign also provided an opportunity to remind all staff about existing mental health resources (including employee assistance programs and the Lifeworks Total Wellbeing app) and supports available within the local community. 

Additionally, the sessions included training in self care strategies (encouraging managers to lead by example) and aimed to raise awareness of mental health in the workplace (to reduce stigma) and encourage courageous conversations and early intervention.

'Looking to the future we will be continuing to focus on resilience and productive coping strategies, particularly for managers and outbreak management teams,' said Cara Williams, Manager Safety, Wellbeing and Workers' Compensation Bolton Clarke . 

Helping our customers to create better workplaces

We are committed to making a positive difference to our employer customers and their people.

Through our Mutual Benefits Program EML customers can now access How to Help a Teammate in Distress, a key component of the award winning WeCARE program through our exclusive customer learning management system EMlearning

This program helps employees, leaders and employers to identify teammates who may be experiencing mental distress and equip them with information and effective techniques so they can provide support in the workplace. 

Visit our Mutual Benefits area or contact a member of the team if you would like more information on the benefits of being an EML Customer.