EML has launched an innovative new video to help employers navigate the often-complex world of workers compensation insurance.

“We know that some people, particularly those in small to medium businesses, can find it difficult to understand WorkCover insurance,” says Helena Swindells, EML’s Customer Experience Manager, Victoria.

“They need help knowing how their premium is calculated, what they need to pay and by when, and their payment options so they can take advantage of the discount available.

“So we’ve created a video to help our small to medium customers,” Helena said. “We’re sending around 10,000 employers their own interactive video, and they can choose what topics they want to watch, whenever it suits them. It’s also personalised, with information specific to their insurance policy.”

The video outlines the insurance renewal process step-by-step and is designed to mirror and explain the information in the premium notice employers are mailed in July each year. They can choose to learn more about key topics and the information in the video includes the data used to calculate their premium.



“Providing information in this way is an Australian-first for the workers compensation industry, and the feedback we’ve received so far shows that employers value the video,” says Helena.

Linda Johnson, Operations Manager at information management consultancy CSK Nexus, found the new resource really useful.

“EML’s premium video was a welcome surprise in my inbox,” says Linda.

“Not only was it customised to my company, it was engaging to watch and extremely user friendly. I could review my previous premium, calculate my current premium and easily access the online premium tools,” says Linda. “Having information in the video format did assist in ensuring my company’s WorkCover Insurance obligations were met, quickly and efficiently.”