Pain Revolution Rural Outreach Tour

1 in 5 Australians lives with persisting pain, yet less than 10% get the help they need to recover. Those living in regional and rural areas are significantly more likely to be affected by persisting pain than those in urban centres, yet access to practitioners is far more limited. The good news is the best treatments available are things you can do yourself.

To spread this message to regional areas, the Pain Revolution Rural Outreach Tour took place across regional Victoria last week, starting with a ‘Pain Science in Practice Workshop’ followed by 35 riders hitting the road, riding from Geelong to Wangaratta and conducting pain education sessions for the public and health professionals in ten locations.

The sessions educated people on concepts such as patterns of persistent pain, pain myths, language to avoid and factors that can improve or worsen the experience of pain.

EML was a silver sponsor of the Pain Revolution ride. This is because we want individuals impacted by pain, whether work or non-work related, to have the right education and personal resources to recover. 

EML had six claims representatives attend the Pain Science in Practice Workshop and found it to be invaluable in assisting them to understand pain. “It was great to learn more about pain, the language around it and some practical tips to improve/overcome it but at the same time the session was very much geared towards practitioners”, Senior Mobile Case Manager Tim Newman said.

Pictured (l-r): Brendan Mouatt (Presenter, Exercise Physiologist), Tim Newman (Mobile Case Manager), Hayley Weston (Mobile Case Manager), Byron Espedido (Clinical Advisor), Erin Costantino (Mobile Case Manager), Kevin Barry (Clinical Advisor), Robyn Bruce (Mobile Case Manager), Peter Roberts (Presenter, Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist)