Mutual Benefits is thrilled to launch an exciting opportunity for all EML Group customers, complimentary access to interactive gamified courses on Occupational Violence and Aggression and Mental Health Awareness via an app powered by Enabler. These courses are targeted to Disability and Support Workers. Customers can now seamlessly access these courses via QR code on our EMlearning platform.


What is Gamified Learning?

Enabler’s bite-sized training modules are not only gamified and interactive but also designed to empower workforces to learn safely from mistakes without risking client well-being. The easily accessible learning also offers flexibility, allowing learners to complete the modules at times that are convenient for them.

The Enabler courses have been developed with service users, subject matter experts, and industry stakeholders, ensuring the courses make a tangible difference in the lives of both workers and individuals with disabilities.

These courses, which are normally priced at $50 + GST per course per participant, will be available free of charge to EML Group customers through EMlearning. There will be a limit of 100 licences per course, per customer!


What courses are available?

The Enabler courses are targeted to Disability Support and Care Workers.

  1. Occupational Violence and Aggression: This disability industry specific module equips workers with skills to prevent and respond to violence and aggression in the workplace. It focuses on performing dynamic risk assessments and utilising the REAL communication system to prevent and de-escalate incidents on the job.
  2. Mental Health Awareness: Designed for disability support workers, this module provides an introductory understanding of mental health. Participants will gain insights into their responsibilities and the limits of their role in recognising and responding to mental health distress on the job.


Where can customers access these courses?

These courses will be accessible through our EMlearning platform using a unique course QR Code. If a customer has not done so yet, they can register to EMlearning today and start accessing all of our free courses.

For more information on Enabler or accessing the courses, please reach out to the Mutual Benefits Team at who will happily assist with the process.