EML is proud to be sponsoring the Australian team in the upcoming Physical Disability Rugby World Cup which will run adjacent to the Rugby League World Cup in Warrington, UK from 23 to 30 October 2022. This sponsorship is funded through our Mutual Benefits Program.

The Australian Physical Disability Rugby League Team (pictured) will participate in the Rugby League World Cup in Warrington, UK this October.


Physical Disability Rugby League (PDRL) is a full contact version of the game adapted for participants with a physical disability who want to access a running version of Rugby League. The Australian team will compete against teams from New Zealand, England, and Wales.

This opportunity came to focus when one of the injured workers EML supports, Fred Taiba, was selected to participate in the team. Mr Taiba who sustained a traumatic brain injury in 2013, is a one punch victim who spent 19 days in a coma after a horrific incident working as a bouncer in Sydney’s CBD. His claim was transferred from Allianz to EML in 2018 when EML’s case managers built a lovely relationship with Mr Taiba and continue to support him with weekly payments and regular communication.

The EML Workers Insurance NSW team who manage the claim came together to raise funds to  provide individual sponsorship to Mr Taiba to support him and his partner with the costs associated with travelling to the UK.

Mr Taiba says: “The sponsorship means the world to me. It helps not just me but all the players that were selected to play in the Disability Rugby World Cup. Without the help of EML I wouldn’t be able to live my dream of playing and to represent my country. I am over the moon with the support that EML has showed over the years and that it shows the world that EML are not just a name and that they care.”

The squad are primed and ready for their big trip to the UK, which for many of the players is their first chance to represent their country. The athletes are skilled, determined, and ready to display their talents at the upcoming tournament.

PDRL is a competitive offer, but has a wider focus on enjoyment in participating in team sport as well as impact on all the wider social benefits the sport of Rugby League provides. Players can join a team to get involved with training sessions, festivals, and competitions.

We wish Mr Taiba and the Australian team the best of luck at the Physical Disability Rugby League World Cup this October.