EML teams and individuals have been recognised in the Personal Injury Education Foundation (PIEF) Awards for Excellence in Personal Injury and Disability Management.

“EML is the largest provider of personal injury claims management in Australia. Our focus is on helping people get their lives back and our most important resources are our Case Managers. I am delighted that Case Manager Michael, along with former case managers Neven and Renee have been recognised in the PIEF 2021 awards” Cameron McCullagh, EML Executive Chairman said.

Congratulations to our winners:


Michael and the NSW Fire team: Excellence in Customer Service

In partnership with Fire and Rescue NSW, case manager Michael and his team helped deliver outstanding customer service to more than 150 firefighters affected by cancer as a result of chemical exposures whilst at work. By taking the initiative to resolve problems, the team has been able to build strong relationships with customers and accommodate changing priorities.

“I share this recognition with my team and our partners at Fire and Rescue NSW as a testament of our success in helping injured firefighters get their lives back. Let’s continue the good work and help more people injured at work to get their lives back” Michael, EML Case Manager said.

EML Case Manager Michael (right) accepted the PIEF Award for Excellence in Customer Service on behalf of the Fire 2 team. The team is led by Team Leader Carmen (middle) and supported by specialists such as Legal Manager Chris (left).


Neven: Emerging Leader

Neven has demonstrated ability to deliver outstanding customer service, create and nurture high performing teams, and deliver significant uplift in customer engagement. Neven began her career at EML as a case manager and after three years was promoted to Team Leader. She has shown outstanding leadership of a high performing team.

“There is so much amazing work being done across the industry, congratulations to all the finalists in the 2021 PIEF Awards. Thank you to EML for being a great place to work and allowing me to progress in so many different ways” Neven, EML Team Leader said.

Neven, EML Team Leader was joint winner of the PIEF Emerging Leader Award.


Renee Hudson and the Workers with Highest Needs (WWHN) team, NSW: Excellence in Injury & Disability Management (Serious Injury/Significant Disability) Award

The WWHN team have consistently achieved quality outcomes for the most severe and long-lasting injuries in workers compensation. The leadership team invests in coaching and supporting team members, whilst upholding EML’s organisational values and behaviours to effect positive change. Group Manager Renee joined EML as a Senior Case Manager in 2014 supporting seriously injured workers. Renee progressed to Team Leader and then Group Manager in 2018.

“My teams come to work each day to ensure that EML best supports workers who have sustained a serious injury. EML’s purpose is to help people get their lives back, working with our most seriously injured is not only about a return to work, but return to quality of life and meaningful relationships” Renee, EML Manager of the Workers With Highest Needs group said.

Renee, EML Manager accepted the PIEF Award for Excellence in Injury & Disability Management (Serious Injury/Significant Disability) on behalf of her teams.


The Personal Injury Education Foundation (PIEF) is committed to fostering, developing and inspiring talent, by providing quality education and training and professional development programs, events, and initiatives for people working in the personal injury and disability management sectors across Australia. The PIEF Awards began 2008 and are held every two years.

“We’re interacting with people at one of the most difficult times in their lives. Which is why at EML we place so much importance on the case manager, who’s role is to help people get their lives back. I’m proud of our organisation: our case managers, and the leaders who support them. To be acknowledged through the PIEF Awards speaks to the outstanding achievements of our people.” Cameron said.

Congratulations to all the finalists and award recipients, who together help profile the outstanding achievements of the personal injury and disability management industry.