Are you our next EML Offers provider?

We, at EML are interested in hearing from leading businesses committed to providing our customers with innovative training, consultancy and technology products and services. If you have value to offer in the areas of workers compensation, return to work, health, safety or musculoskeletal injuries then we would like to hear from you.  

About EML Offers

EML Offers is a new program from Mutual Benefits designed to support our customers to connect with providers of leading products and services and access outstanding savings or other value add offers on these products and services.

Application process

How it works

The steps to becoming a provider

  1. Provider submits initial proposal for consideration to EML in EML Offers.
  2. EML conducts initial vetting process to identify potential providers according to our strategic plan for EML Offers.
  3. EML determines if strategic agreement is to be formed between provider and EML to promote providers offer through EML Offers.
  4. EML and the provider agree to enter into a strategic alliance whereby the provider delivers their product or service at a discounted rate (or with an alternative value-add offer) to EML Customers in exchange for EML promoting the provider and the offer to EML Customers.
  5. Prior to entering into a strategic alliance, the provider, product/service and offer must meet specific criteria and undergo a due diligence process.
  6. EML informs EML Customers about the offers through EML website, Client Services and other marketing channels as deemed appropriate.
  7. The EML Customer then contacts the provider and notifies the provider that they are an EML Customer. The provider then contacts EML to verify that they are an EML Customer. Following that, all further activities are undertaken between the EML Customer and the provider.

Types of products and services considered for EML Offers

The product or service must improve risks related to workers compensation, return to work, health and safety, mental health or musculoskeletal injuries.

The product/service must also be one or more of the following:

  1. training,
  2. technology solution, or
  3. consulting & advisory services.

Other criteria considered for inclusion in EML Offers

  1. The provider or product must not in any way be affiliated with a brokerage or other intermediary.
  2. The offer should be a clear and simple discount or other value add that can be easily communicated and understood by EML Customers.
  3. The offer needs to deliver excellent value to EML Customers that is over and above that which is available through an EML competitor.
  4. The product or offer should not compete directly with EML’s other Mutual Benefits products (e.g. EMsafe / EMhealth, EMlearning)
  5. The provider should have existing data, references, testimonials, and case studies to demonstrate results and benefits achieved through using the product / services (ideally from existing EML Customers).

The provider selection process

EML will review applications and determine those which satisfy the criteria and best meet EML Customer needs and delivers the best value. EML will then proceed to contacting the provider to arrange a product presentation.

If after the demonstration the product and/or service and offer is considered suitable, a more detailed due diligence process will be undertaken to confirm suitability into the EML Offers program.

Provider responsibilities

After referral, the provider will be responsible for all sales conversion, implementation and ongoing support.

The provider will also be required to provide periodic reporting to EML on uptake, utilisation and value delivered for EML Customers.

Would you like to apply to be considered for EML Offers?

If so, we’d like to hear from you!

To apply for inclusion in the EML Offers program, please complete the form below and EML will review your application and determine your suitability to progress into the EML Offers program. 

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For any queries regarding the program please email