Global Safety Index (GSI) is a digital solution enabling organisations to assess, monitor and benchmark their safety leadership and safety culture performance.

GSI allows you to:

  • Understand existing strengths and opportunities in your individual and group safety leadership capability
  • Measure, Monitor and Benchmark your organisations safety culture, both internally and externally, which is critical to improving safety performance results
  • Understand specifically what is working and not working within your organisation and use this to prioritise your safety and culture strategy.

Become part of a global community of shared knowledge and experiences.

Leadership influences culture; culture drives behaviours, and behaviours yield results; therefore, leadership and culture must be measured and monitored.

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More information

Global Safety Index (GSI) is the worlds largest integrated leadership and culture assessment tool created to measure, monitor and benchmark safety leadership and culture, with over 64,000 users and approximately 4,000,000+ data points.

GSI provides the capability to identify, assess and understand the dimensions and key drivers that make up a high-performance safety culture.

Compare and benchmark your leadership and culture results between sites, departments, other organisations and industries globally.

Key features and benefits

GSI provides digital solutions accessible online from any device. The tools, data insights and resources organisations need to analyse and understand their safety leadership and culture performance. These data-driven insights allow organisations to improve their safety and wellbeing strategy and performance.

Safety Leadership Index assesses the collective level of competence and capability across an individual and organisation, providing a view of overall safety leadership bench-strength.

Safety Culture Index provides an objective assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of an organisation's safety culture maturity at a granular level.

Benchmarking and Reporting: Benchmark and report your leadership, culture and safety results, including access to global and industry insights to support Leadership, Culture and Wellbeing improvements.

GSI tools, data insights and resources mean organisations can take an informed and strategic approach to safety leadership and culture, resulting in increased engagement and performance improvements.

Organisations can benchmark their performance internally (sites, departments, divisions) and externally (other organisations and industries)

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  1. must be an EML customer at time of GSI license purchase
  2. must provide EML policy number / employer registration number.

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