EMpower FAQs

Q: Is the EMpower Portal integrated with the new icare Claims Portal?

A: No. icare introduced a new Claims Portal in February 2019. EMpower is a standalone portal available to EML Customers nationally and is not integrated with the icare Claims Portal.

Q: Will I be able to see new claims lodged in the icare Claims Portal in the EMpower portal?

A: No. Any claims lodged in the new icare Claims Portal will not be visible in EMpower.

icare plans to migrate all historical claims data from 1 January 2018 onwards (under the icare workers insurance scheme) from EMpower to the new icare Claims Portal. This will be done progressively in stages to ensure a smooth transition to the new platform. Once this is completed, you will have visibility in the icare Claims Portal of all claims that were lodged with EML since 1 January 2018.

Q: If I have existing claims in the EMpower portal and new claims are in the icare Claims Portal, does this mean I will not have a single view of all my claims and will need to manage two separate logins?

A: Yes, this will be the case for a short period of time whilst icare works on migrating all the claims data to the new icare Claims Portal. icare is working to ensure that the migration is done as soon as possible to minimise the customer impact.

We appreciate that it is difficult to have different information sources and are working to minimise the timelines.

Q: Is the EMpower Portal being replaced by the icare Claims Portal?

A: No. The EMpower Portal will continue to be available to Brokers and Employers for reporting (for claims prior to 4 February 2019) and other EML Member Benefit programs. EMpower will also continue to be used in other jurisdictions outside of New South Wales.

Q: Can I still get reports from the EMpower portal?

A: Yes, Brokers and Employers can access the reporting that is currently available to them.

Q: When will we have all of our claims data in the one place and will I be able to run my own reports like I can from EMpower? Who can I contact for my reports prior to the data being centralised in one place?

A: icare is working to consolidate all claims in a single portal. It is expected that this will be completed by the end of this year. icare’s consolidated cost of claims report is distributed to large employers monthly. Please contact your icare Account Manager or contact icare on 13 77 22.

Q: Can I still lodge claims under the icare workers insurance scheme through the EMpower portal?

A:  You can still log in to EMpower to lodge claims. When you log in to EMpower and click the link to lodge a claim, it will be redirected to the icare lodgement form so your claim will be lodged in the new icare Claims Portal.

Q: What functions will be available in the EMpower portal after the open claims are migrated to the icare Claims Portal?

A: Reporting (for claims prior to 4 February 2019) and EML Member Benefits will still be available in EMpower. Other functions currently available within EMpower will be available within the icare Claims Portal.