Meet our Employers Mutual Limited board and officers. We are an APRA regulated general insurer operating since 1910.

  1. Anthony Fleetwood, Chief Executive Officer - Employers Mutual Limited

    “Empowering our people through inspiring leaders, the right tools and techniques and our customers at the centre of everything we do is the EML way of business.”

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  2. Matthew Wilson, Chief Risk Officer

    “Successful innovation requires taking risks, yet we do it anyway. I’m proud that we have this strength, this common belief in doing what's right for our customers.”

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  3. Paul Baker - Chair

    Paul Baker has experience in the areas of insurance, reinsurance commercial and administrative law, risk management, business management and corporate governance.

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  4. Catherine King - Director

    Catherine King has extensive experience in government, community and stakeholder relations, communications and strategy. She has managed a public relations and communications business since 2004.

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  5. Patrick Gurr - Director

    Patrick Gurr is a career publican with extensive experience in the hospitality industry over 40 years. As an active member of the Australian Hotels Association, he brings a wealth of experience in dealing with Government at three levels.

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  6. Nikki Britt - Director

    Nikki Britt is a well-respected and passionate health professional, and has spent more than three decades assisting people with an injury, illness or disease to recover by returning them to work.

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