What is the purpose of an Independent Medical Examination?

Your Case Manager will discuss with you the reasons why an Independent Medical Examination has been scheduled. Some of the reasons for an appointment to be scheduled include, but are not limited to:

  • To assist in making a liability determination on your claim.
  • To assist in reviewing your ongoing treatment requirements.
  • To assist in reviewing a request for surgery.


Why has this appointment been arranged?

We have arranged for you to be examined by a suitably qualified medical practitioner to provide an independent opinion on the nature of your condition, treatment that you may require and what work you might be able to do.

After your examination the medical practitioner will provide EML with a report. You will be provided with a copy of this report if it is used by EML to make a determination. 


How does EML choose an Independent Medical Examiner to conduct an assessment?

When arranging an Independent Medical Examination, your Case Manager will consider the nature of your injury / condition, the type of information required and the timeframe for which an appointment is required.

The examiner is independent of EML, your employer and your treating parties.


What if I am unable to attend the appointment?

If you are unable to attend this appointment, please call your Case Manager as soon as possible to reschedule. It is important that you provide at least three days’ notice if you are unable to attend the arranged appointment. If you do not provide adequate notice to change your appointment this may be considered failure to attend which may result in a cancellation fee.


What if I choose to not attend the appointment?

If you fail to attend the examination, refuse to undergo or obstruct the examination, without providing a reasonable excuse, your rights to compensation including income support and all other activity on your claim may be suspended until the examination takes place. Should your entitlement to compensation be suspended as a result of your failure to attend, the suspension will take effect immediately from the date the formal notification of your suspension is issued.

Where your right to compensation is suspended, compensation is not payable for the period of the suspension and cannot be paid retrospectively once the suspension is lifted.


What should I take to my appointment?

It is recommended that you take any medical imaging scans or information that you possess, that may be relevant to your claim.

Your Case Manager will provide the assessor with information relevant to your claim, in preparation to the assessment. In preparing a report, the Independent Medical Examiner will consider the briefing material and documentation provided by your Case Manager in addition to the assessment conducted with you.

If the Independent Medical Examiner requires further tests or examinations as part of the assessment, these will be arranged with you and paid for by EML.


Can I bring a support person with me to the appointment?

You may bring a support person to your appointment, however it is at the doctor’s discretion if they will allow your support person to be present during the assessment. Prior to the appointment, your Case Manager will advise you if you are unable to bring a support person. 

If your support person is authorised to accompany you during the assessment, they are only able to contribute to the assessment if invited to by the medical examiner.

If a physical examination is required, you may request a chaperone to be present during this part of the assessment.

If you require an interpreter to attend the appointment with you, please contact your Case Manager as soon as possible to arrange this.


What should I expect during an Independent Medical Examination?

Please make sure that you allow time for travel and parking so that you arrive on time for your appointment.

When you arrive at the appointment you will be asked to provide photographic identification and sign a consent form, in order for the assessment to proceed.

If the medical practitioner is running late the staff at the rooms will let you know. You are expected to wait a reasonable amount of time however if you are unable to wait you must rebook your appointment and let your Case Manager know of the new appointment details. If you leave the rooms without rebooking or waiting a reasonable amount of time, this will be considered a refusal to undergo an examination. 

An independent medical examination may take up to 2 hours.

During the appointment, the doctor will ask you about the history of your injury / condition and general questions which the doctor considers to be relevant to your injury / condition. If you have a physical injury, it is likely that a physical examination is required, this may involve performing active and passive physical movements which are relevant to your injury / condition.

For physical injuries / conditions, it is recommended that you dress appropriately to suit the condition being assessed:

  • Spine – loose shirt
  • Shoulders – sleeveless shirt
  • Hands / elbows – short sleeved shirt
  • Hips – bike pants, shorts, loose trousers
  • Knees – shorts, bike pants, loose trousers
  • Feet – shorts, loose trousers, easily removable shoes


Can I ask questions during the assessment?

As the Independent Medical Examiner is not your treating doctor, it is not appropriate to ask questions regarding opinion or advice.

It is unlikely that the doctor will discuss the results of the assessment with you. Following the assessment, a report will be provided to your Case Manager.


What should I expect to occur after my assessment?

Your Case Manager will contact you following the assessment to discuss your experience.

Your Case Manager will receive a copy of the Independent Medical Examination report, often within 3 weeks from the date of your assessment. This timeframe can vary based upon the doctor’s schedule. Your Case Manager will advise if there is a delay in receiving the report.

You may request a copy of the Independent Medical Examination report from your Case Manager. In some circumstances, this report will be provided to your treating practitioner for discussion at your next appointment.

Once your Case Manager has reviewed the Independent Medical Examination report, you will be provided with any relevant claim determination, if required.


What do I do if I have feedback after my appointment?

EML are committed to receiving you feedback regarding the Independent Medical Examination process. If you have any feedback following your assessment, please contact your Case Manager via phone or email on the details provided. 


Will my travel expenses be covered for this appointment?

If you need to travel to attend this appointment:

  • EML will cover the cost of this appointment and any reasonable travel expenses that you may incur to attend the appointment.
  • If you are travelling by private vehicle, EML will pay or reimburse your travel costs at the rate of 68 cents per kilometre and reasonable parking meter of private parking fees.
  • Please retain all receipts and send them to us for payment or reimbursement.
  • If you are travelling from a remote location, we may be able to assist you with overnight accommodation and provide a food allowance if it is considered reasonable and pre-approved by us. This allowance does not include alcoholic beverages.

Pre-approval must be requested before booking or incurring any accommodation costs.