Breaking down the barriers to support good mental health through exercise

When we are feeling down or our mental health is in turmoil, the last thing we feel like doing is strapping our joggers on and going for a walk, run or visiting the gym. 

But while exercise is the furthest thing from our mind during these periods, studies continue to show that getting active can be the best thing for us. 

EML has created a series of online educational videos with Dr Simon Rosenbaum to encourage the benefits of exercise in maintaining positive mental health. 

According to Dr Simon Rosenbaum, a Senior Research Fellow at the School of Psychiatry, University of New South Wales and the Black Dog Institute, a staggering 65% of Australians are currently inactive, meaning little to no physical activity in their day-to-day lifestyle. Compounded with the barriers faced by those living with a mental illness, it can be really hard for people to initiate or start an exercise program.



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