We provide support to our members to help prevent psychological injuries and to develop a culture that enables early intervention and maximises recovery. Our support programs range from self-service web portals to targeted self-help education and online coaching programs, and are available to all EML customers.



Health and wellness initiatives in the workplace can play a critical role in preventing illness and injury.

For example, EML co-sponsored the Fire and Rescue NSW 2016 Health & Safety Calendar which outline programs and services available for employees and their families to reduce the risk of injury and mental harm.

The calendar was distributed to over 7000 Fire and Rescue NSW employees.



We have sponsored a number of workplace publications that encourage early identification and help-seeking
behaviours. Each has the aim of reducing the stigma associated with mental health conditions.

The Recovery after Trauma booklet is a handy guide for fire fighters to help reduce the stigma of PTSD, encourage help-seeking behaviours and develop an understanding of what to expect after exposure to a traumatic event. 



EML supports industry and employers by sponsoring conferences that promote mentally healthy workplaces.

In partnership with icare, EML sponsored the Managing Mental Illness Seminar which was attended by more than 250 NSW Government agency staff. With an official opening address from the Mental Health Commissioner, John Feneley, the seminar challenged conventional thinking in relation to how to collectively manage mental health in the workplace. Insightful presentations were delivered by Professor Michael Sullivan, Paul Whatuira and Todd Sampson.  




EMhealth is a free online resource containing information and tools designed to assist employers to set-up, monitor and evaluate an effective workplace health and wellness program.

EMsafe is our online work health and safety management tool available to member employers without charge. It is used by more than 1,800 employer members to manage their work, health and safety obligations either as a stand-alone system or to complement existing resources.





Continuing with our investment to address the broader issues of mental health, we pioneered the use of humour to start having a conversation about mental health in the workplace, and to reduce any associated stigma.

In partnership with The Shannon Company, a six-part series of short videos was created, exploring the factors impacting workplace culture and the individual’s mental health. The episodes are accompanied by further resources and workplace checklists to help identify and respond to the risk factors within the workplace.