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As a specialist provider in workers compensation, our teams work together to deliver the best outcomes for workers, employers and our industry partners.

Our experienced professionals are here to work with you to effectively manage your claims, and provide the advice and support needed to help people recover from injury and get their lives back.

For information about EML services in NSW please contact us

1800 469 931 (toll free)



Claims & Return to Work support

Our experienced professionals are here to provide you with advice and guidance for all aspects of your workers compensation needs.

Report an Injury or Make a Claim

Complete the online Report an Injury form

Download Report an Injury form Click here to download (PDF)
02 8251 9495
GPO Box 4143, SYDNEY NSW 2001


Premium & Policy Support

EML works in partnership with icare to provide support employers in NSW.

Take out a policy

icare workers insurance will manage new policies from 1 March 2017, and renew existing policies from 30 April 2017. EML will continue to provide employers and their workers with specialist support services to facilitate recovery through claims management.

To start a new NSW workers insurance policy  or renew your existing policy contact icare workers insurance by calling 13 44 22.


Certificate of Currency

To obtain a Certificate of Currency:

Complete and submit via EMpower

Download and submit a request form (PDF)

02 8860 8686
1800 055 781 (toll free)

icare workers insurance will issue Certificates of Currency at renewal.

Online Services

EMpower is EML's free online portal, providing employers and brokers with flexible and secure access to their workers insurance and much more.

Login to EMpower

For first time users, you will need your unique Username.

If you do not know your username contact EML Member Support on 02 8860 8686.




Further support

icare workers insurance Employer Assist

Employer Assist provides an overview of workers compensation insurance for NSW employers. It’s been specially designed to help you understand how your insurance works.

icare workers insurance Worker Assist

Worker Assist provides information about what to do and what to expect if you’re injured at work. It’s been designed to help you to get the best possible outcome following a work-related injury.

Customer Support

Your EML case manager is your first point of contact for all disputes and complaints.

Workers who require further assistance in relation to their claim or a decision notice can contact EML Assist on:


If further assistance is required contact the State Regulatory Authority's (SIRA) Customer Service Centre on:

13 10 50

The Workers Compensation Independent Review Office (WIRO) provides an independent complaints solution service for workers who are unhappy with a decision made by their insurer. WIRO also provides funding for legal advice. For more information or to make a complaint, contact WIRO or visit wiro.nsw.gov.au or call on:

13 94 76

Click here for more information on the options available to help resolve disputes about workers compensation claims.


Get Healthy at Work

Get Healthy at Work is a free NSW Government workplace health service that aims to help improve the health of working adults by giving workplaces tools and support.

The Get Healthy at Work website is a one-stop shop for everything you need to implement, continuously review and improve your workplace health program. There are also some fantastic training tutorials to support you every step of the way.

Get healthy at work - find out more
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