Experts in Self-insurance

Whether it’s an existing program, or building a program from the ground up, EML's combined experience and specialist skills deliver our customers the solutions they need to simplify their self-insurance and achieve their business goals.

Successful self-insurance programs require the skilled integration of a range of systems and process along with good financing and legislative knowledge. As a trusted partner within the personal injury, EML provides a comprehensive suite of services, including:

  • Injury/claims management
  • Risk sharing options
  • Consultancy services
  • Technology services
  • Specialist resourcing


Injury and claims management

As a Third-party Claims Administrator (TPA), EML can administer your self-insurance in part or in full.

We have expert staff and proven strategies in early intervention and claims management that help improve your work procedures. We are accountable for all aspects of claims management, with additional support provided by a team of claims specialists who have technical expertise related to legislation or medical treatment and recovery.

Our focus is in facilitating sound and timely decision making and benefit provision – with the end goal of significantly improving return-to-work and recovery outcomes.

Risk sharing options

As an APRA licenced general insurer, EML is well placed to take on part of the workers compensation liability through a sharing arrangement of the cost of every claim. This option reduces the reserve self-insurers need to carry on their balance sheet.

Consultancy services

EML providing a collaborative and consultative framework

Combining our specialist skills in self- insurance management, people management, strategy and technology with extensive industry experience, we streamline case management activities to ensure seamless service delivery of end to end self-insurance requirements.

Technology services

Using our deep expertise and broad claims management experience, we can design and implement an information technology solution to support a range of business processing solutions. We can also provide customers with a total IT outsourcing solution – a single point of supply for an end-to-end managed service.

Specialist resourcing

Our people specialise in all areas of claims management including early intervention strategies, legal, compliance, redemptions and training. Our flexibility and national coverage allows us to provide experienced self-insured claims managers to work on or off-site. This ensures you continue to meet your statutory obligations and performance standards with the relevant authority.

EML staff are also available as a nominated contingency when absences occur.

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