Expert in life insurance claims management

EML delivers end-to-end claims management services tailored to meet the challenges of Life insurance organisations today.

As a life insurance partner, EML has a proven history in delivering outstanding life insurance claims management services, helping our life insurance partners make better risk decisions and deliver targeted strategies for successful outcomes.

Whatever your requirements, we can design an intelligent solution to meet them, utilizing existing services, the development of customised solutions, or both, EML provides options including:

White labeling  - EML as strategic partners for long duration claims management

Designed to improve long duration life claims management and the customer experience of injured workers through our comprehensive approach.

Consulting -  EML providing a collaborative and consultative framework

Combining our specialist skills in life insurance claims, people management, strategy and technology with extensive industry experience, we streamline case management activities and eliminate duplication of claims process.

Our customer-centred model applies key principles in the management of Long Tail claims, including:

  • Providing continuous support and care for workers detached from pre-injury employment, with a focus on new employer return to work opportunities and maximising work capacity
  • On time, evidence-based and sustainable work capacity determinations
  • Continuous improvement of wellbeing to facilitate return to work opportunities and reapplication of the work capacity test


EML provides life insurance customers every genuine opportunity to facilitate safe and sustainable return to work;  and where return to work is not possible, apply customer-centric, sustainable determinations of ongoing entitlements.

To find out more about life insurance services contact the EMLife team:

Katherine Gobbi

+61 466 491 035

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