Supporting the people that support our communities

At EML, we’re proud of the role we play in helping the people that support our communities recover from workplace injury.



Across NSW and SA we provide personal injury services to a number of key government agencies.

EML is also an authorised agent for the icare TMF which is the NSW Government’s self-insurance scheme, governed by icare Self Insurance. We manage 47% of the TMF portfolio, including the Ministry of Health (NSW South), NSW Police and Emergency Services, Department of Premier and Cabinet, and Department of Planning.

Partnership has been key to our success, and EML is proud of the close co-operation we build with our key government agencies.

Our role sees us supporting injured public sector workers from diverse industry sectors, supporting claims assessment and early intervention, facilitating claim payments and ultimately supporting workers with their personal return to work goals.  

We also strive to implement strategies from early intervention, skilled case management, and prevention initiatives.

These strategies and more help maintain the performance of the scheme and ensure that in an environment where medical costs are increasing exponentially, government schemes remain viable.  


Leveraging EML’s expertise, the  Comcare scheme provides employers with an integrated safety, rehabilitation and compensation system, un restricted to the Australian state or territory an employer operates in or where its employees are located.

Leveraging our multifaceted skills and expertise in personal injury management, people management, strategy and technology with extensive industry experience, EML can provide a streamlined solution for employers within or looking to enter the Comcare scheme.


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