Innovations in digital technology are redefining core insurance products and service offerings. In the wake of the Royal Commission, building trust and enhancing personalised customer experience are top priorities for most insurers.

Customer centricity for us means using technology where we can to improve customer experience.

While customer expectations are increasing, technology is only one part of the solution. Many of the former paper-based, transactional tasks are automated, saving a lot of time and friction in the claims process. But there is a limit to the capacity of technology – even highly intelligent forms such as artificial intelligence and bots – to improve the customer experience.

Only around 30% of EML’s customers access our technology via mobile devices. The customer experience is central to the development of our systems.

But enabling our customers with technology and engaging them in human interaction are not mutually exclusive.

Customer-centricity for us means using technology where we can to improve customer experience, while also acknowledging that a human voice on the end of the phone, with the ability to listen, show empathy and resolve complex issues, is what our customers value. This human-to-human contact also underpins our central approach of helping people get their lives back.

A phone call from our highly trained Case Managers to an injured worker can reveal much insight into the motivation, barriers and personal circumstances relevant to the best management of their claim.

Technology, when deployed in the right way, can undoubtedly enhance the customer experience. But our people remain the key to providing the best support for injured workers to get their lives back.

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