Lendlease wins WorkSafe Award

Congratulations to Lendlease on their WorkSafe Victoria Award win.

A major building contractor in Victoria, Lendlease was announced as a joint winner of the award, sharing the honours with Scott Automation & Robotics.

Lendlease had assessed a number of handrail systems but was unable to find a product that met its stringent safety standards to protect against potential falls on site.

So, they created the Telescopic Handrail System, which is flexible enough to accommodate site constraints and multiple trades, while being robust enough to provide appropriate protection. The system is now in use on multiple sites across Victoria and since its introduction, zero falls incidents have been notified.

You can read more about Lendlease’s innovation, and details of all the winners here.

Pictured: Paul McConnochie, Nick Macrae, Stuart Jardine, Michael McInerney and Damian Cooper of Lendlease with their Award, presented on 7 October 2016.

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