Blokepedia (now known as Momentus) aims to improve the lives of Australian men through opportunities for connection, learning, and individual development. We support Blokepedia’s mission to promote open and honest conversations in order to encourage early help-seeking and healthy behaviours.

In early 2020, we sponsored Blokepedia's Conversations that Matter event in Sydney. The event, hosted by Josh Quarmby, Founder & Managing Director of Blokepedia, featured a panel of speakers who discussed their experiences of change, fatherhood, work, injury and mental ill health.

We are also proud to sponsor Blokepedia’s web-series, Jimmy’s Shed, that sets out to create positive change for men’s health and wellbeing by exploring some of the issues and life events affecting men across Australia. Hosted by entertainer Jimmy Rees, the ten-part series features guest appearances from experts and extraordinary everyday men discussing a range of topics including fatherhood, communication in relationships and social connection.

The series can be viewed here: Jimmy’s Shed - CTM TV