EML has increased its support to the Health Benefits of Good Work (HBGW) Campaign to enable Australians and New Zealanders to access the health benefits of good work.

“For more than a century we have been passionate about helping people get their lives back through good work. Being a signatory to the HBGW consensus statement and increasing our support for the Campaign allows us to bring the benefits of good work to more of our members and their employees,” EML CEO Mark Coyne said.

Every day the HBGW Campaign is engaging with employers who seek to deliver good work and ensure the wellbeing of their people. EML is one of the exemplar organisations that have been leading the way by sharing their practices and experience.

EML is supporting the HBGW Campaign through provision of a Campaign Coordinator resource, working directly with the HBGW Signatories Steering Group (SSG) Executive Committee. The SSG was appointed by the Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP) as the industry face of the campaign.

EML’s support has allowed the SSG to expand our efforts, providing new opportunities and insights on how best to collaborate with employers, communicate the research and share solutions across different sectors” HBGW SSG Chair, Suzanne Jones said.

“Supporting HBGW to achieve their mission is in total alignment with our long-held values,” said Mark Coyne.

Signatories to the HBGW Consensus Statement benefit from access to the latest evidence, current practices and innovation from researchers and employer groups as well as other signatories from across Australia and New Zealand.

Case study: Serco Australia

Good work can play a central role in contributing to a person’s health and wellbeing. Organisations delivering good work for employees have been shown to experience benefits in increased productivity and financial returns.

Last year Serco Australia became a signatory to the HBGW Consensus Statement.

When work is designed through an employee experience lens, positive cultural shifts and improvements in operational outcomes can be achieved. These enhanced outcomes span across profitability, customer service, client relationships and engagement, in addition to health and wellbeing of our people,” Serco Asia Pacific Health & Wellbeing Lead Jenna Toovey said.

With support from EML and other key partners, Serco has designed and implemented a range of initiatives over the last 18 months in response to the principles of HBGW.

“The HBGW initiative provides Serco with a practical framework, external validation and benchmarking opportunities that support our Wellbeing vision and program implementation” Ms Toovey said.

Health Benefits of Good Work Campaign

The RACP is the custodian of the HBGW Campaign. EML signed the HBGW Consensus Statement four years ago and continues to be an advocate for people accessing good work.

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Members of EML can learn more about becoming a HBGW signatory by emailing EML via memberbenefits@eml.com.au