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  1. Claims tool innovation trial: PACE project

    Some injured workers with a workers compensation claim are at risk of not returning to work within the expected timeframe, for a range of reasons. The PACE Project helps case managers identify high risk claims and provide greater support to workers.

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  2. Getting in early

    A unique and timely solution to a common problem has made a big difference to property and infrastructure company Lendlease. The EML member benefits program was used to establish a priority care early intervention triage service for injured Lendlease workers. Results have been outstanding.

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  3. On the move

    EML senior mobile case manager Tim shares his insights into what a typical day looks like for mobile case managers and the ways in which this unique role is helping workers get their lives back.

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  4. Face to face support

    When Pete, an employee of Waller Fencing, a family company in Port Elliot, South Australia, was injured at work, his boss, David Waller, was worried.

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  5. 500,000 kilometres and counting

    Mobile case management is having a profound effect on workers’ lives – it’s helping them get back to work faster and feel great about doing so.

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  6. Caring for carers

    Barossa Village, an aged care provider in one of Australia’s most beautiful wine regions, knew their staff were at high risk of musculoskeletal injuries.

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  7. Cost effective training

    With 300 employees that need ongoing workplace health and safety training, IKEA Adelaide has discovered that the best place to go is online.

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  8. Value adding with EMlearning

    Aged care specialists, KinCare, sought to improve their return to work program and found EMlearning to be the solution they were looking for.

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  9. Savings for YMCA

    YMCA provides numerous youth and family services to over 500,000 Australians each year. The community-focused, not for profit organisation employs 2,300 staff at 130 locations across New South Wales.

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  10. Unforgettable impact

    A South Australian electrician who sustained severe burns to 31% of his body in a workplace accident is the inspiration behind this video for apprentices and trainees by PEER VEET.

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  11. Change for the better

    When a review revealed a high number of workers compensation claims were attributed to musculoskeletal injuries, Sims Metal Management (SMM) decided that something had to change.

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  12. Tailored to your needs

    A 30% reduction in direct injury costs is one of the many benefits The Barossa Co-op has enjoyed from introducing a tailored injury management system.

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