Do you have a diversity & inclusion policy?

We stand together as equals

EML is an equal opportunity employer so by coming to work for us, you’ll be part of a culture that celebrates diversity and inclusion. We’re committed to maintaining a workplace where everyone feels valued and where we show respect, integrity and honesty. This includes:

  • Building a gender inclusive culture that supports women in our talent pipeline
  • Unbiased recruitment practices that encourage people of all ages, backgrounds, religions, sexual orientation and gender identity to apply
  • Eliminating workplace discrimination, bullying and harassment
  • Providing reasonable adjustments to accommodate applicants with disabilities
  • Working with the Australian Network on Disability (AND) to provide an appropriate recruitment process and employment experience to all candidates
  • Listening to different perspectives and being open to new ideas

We recognise that the most innovative solutions and ideas come from a diverse group of minds, cultures, experiences and viewpoints. We celebrate innovation just as we celebrate and value the differences that make up our incredible team.

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