Ben, Technical Learning & Development Manager

Ben started working at EML in 2010, starting as a case manager in training and moving up to a senior case manager position. Using his experience in case management Ben then moved into the Learning & Development team. Ben started as a technical learning and development consultant and has recently become the Technical Learning & Development Manager.   

What do you most enjoy about your current role?

Supporting our new case managers to understand and perform their role well whilst supporting and mentoring team members to improve individual performance.

How would you like your career to have progressed in the next two years?

For me the focus is now to hone my skills as a manager and become a Leader that can drive our team to be high performers and well regarded in the business.

What does our mission statement ‘we help people get their lives back’ mean to you and the role you perform?

The link to this now relates to empowering our case managers and providing them with the technical competence and confidence to be able to support workers get their lives back. Furthermore, through the Case Manager in Training/Cert IV Program we have been able to change employees lives by giving them the opportunity to commence a career at EML.

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