Alice, Team Leader

Alice began her career with EMLin August 2011 as a claims assistant before moving into the Hospitality Employers Mutual team as a case manager in training. Alice is now a team leader with a team of five specialised technical roles that support Hospitality’s claims group.

What do you most enjoy about your current role?

The focus on people - development and support to my team.

What training courses have you participated in at EML?

Leadership Program Advanced Management CMIT modules

What does our mission statement ‘we help people get their lives back’ mean to you and the role you perform?

As I was here when EML first communicated our new mission statement I was extremely excited. We talk about our purpose to help people get their lives back with clients, workers and treatment providers and even when meeting with potential future clients. It’s rewarding to know I work for a company with such positive goals and using our roles to achieve such great outcomes.

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