Meet our people

Daniel, Group Manager
Daniel enjoys bringing out the best in others, particularly when it’s his own team. After starting at EML as a trainee case manager, he now leads a team of seven.
Alice, Team Leader
Our company mission to help people get their lives back has been a strong motivator for Alice, who has progressed from claims assistant to case manager to team leader.
Kim, Group Manager
Over 10 years working with EML, and Kim still finds the professional stimulation and fulfilment she needs to keep striving for new challenges.
Rebecca, Case Manager
When Rebecca received a phone call from EML’s CEO to thank her for a job well done, she knew she was doing something right.
Ben, Technical Learning & Development Manager
Goal setting has proved a valuable way for Ben to build his career and motivate his team to strive for excellence.
Amber, Product & Member Manager
Considering the needs of others has always come naturally to Amber, which is why her role as EML Products & Members Manager is a perfect fit.